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The survivors are from five different countries and were persecuted for reasons of ethnicity, politics/ideology, or religion. All in all, they were interned in fifty-four camps or institutions.
The catalog of questions, unique in the world, consists of 100 questions from 61 schools and universities in 30 countries on 6 continents. Those whose voices are heard in the film interviews range from an average housewife and an unskilled laborer to a fashion designer, from those who have been relatively silent to active Holocaust teachers and to survivors who have already been widely featured in the media and whose life stories have even been the subject of Oscar-winning films.

The DVD contains not only a short film biography of each of the nine survivors, but also a selection of their most interesting answers lasting approximately 10–20 minutes each. Also included is material for educational projects and exercises about the Holocaust and the films. This makes the DVD eminently suitable for use in schools.

Total Running Time: 125 minutes
Picture Format: 16:9, mp4 1280x720 Filesize: 6.7GB